Marketing Team

2 min readOct 18, 2022


Our marketing team consists of self-selected specialists and experienced individuals for the ACI GOLD Ecosystem towards global success. We firmly state that our marketing team can compete with global marketing agencies in all aspects of marketing.

This team covers all areas of digital and direct marketing that allow us to control everything in-house ensuring brand quality, clarity, and accuracy of the messages we send are managed carefully and inspire community management.

Our marketing team consists of several well-organized segments. Segments are divided by focused tasks but put together in one large open plan department as a team.

Digital Marketing

Online digital marketing allows us to have global reach and targets the right audience. This requires creative, technical and analytical skills wrapped in marketing artificial intelligence such as Google, Facebook, purchasing media, anal y tics, SEO, online marketing campaigns, and BI experts.

Creative Development

Our creative team is responsible for every audio-visual aspect of the ACI Creative developments have grown rapidly in recent years and marketing has produced video and visuals. To follow today’s marketing demands, the creative team must be artistic, corporate, and very technical. Fortunately, we have gathered a group of young and creative individuals who are also aware of the needs and branding of the company. Graphic design, video production, video editing, graphic movement, art direction, and content writing collaborate to bring the ACI GOLD brand (ACI GOLD).

Helping Investors

Strong marketing not only works in the best interests of the company but also in the best interests of investors. When the ACI GOLD has a strong marketing team, each ACI Token holder will always be supported by the same team that works hard to maintain and increase the success of the Ecosystem ACI GOLD. And it works in the best interest of everyone who is part of this cryptocurrency community




ACI GOLD (ACI), a digital asset backed by physical Gold on the blockchain has the advantages of representing legal ownership of physical allocated gold.