Marketing Strategy

2 min readOct 18, 2022

Based on sales factors and our target audience, we will market the ACI GOLD ecosystem investors and traders in online trading and crypto investment. We will utilize all marketing channels, both organic and paid. Our community managers will expand our organic reach within the crypto community, starting with existing Crypto Exchange traders who have trusted our company and experienced our superior and extensive services.

We will inform the community about our work through Telegram, Medium, Bitcointalk, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit to get started. We will use this platform to communicate with traders and investors who allow our client services to help interested parties understand our ecosystem and its products.

Our marketing team will take over the creative development of the brands that will determine our position on the market. Through digital marketing we will encourage international ecosystem with messages that are well-made, consistent, directed to the public. Marketing relationships will strengthen planned organic marketing.


This program is designed to invite anyone from all over the world to register at no cost and make a profit for every investment made from their references.

Affiliate programs help in spreading the word about brands through thousands people, each of which will promote the brand to thousands more people is rapidly developing.

This program will support affiliation with promotional and marketing materials as well customer support. All affiliates will have accurate reference tracking.




ACI GOLD (ACI), a digital asset backed by physical Gold on the blockchain has the advantages of representing legal ownership of physical allocated gold.