ACI GOLD Digital Wallet

2 min readOct 18, 2022


Send Money
Ease to send your digital assetsat the lowest cost, fast and secure in realtime

Safe & Reliable
ACI GOLD Digital Wallet is built with world-class security technology with a network system that is monitored 24 hours

Receive Money
Receiving money transacting for business, the ACI GOLD allows receiving digital assets with a wallet address.

How it works ACI GOLD Digital Wallet

ACI GOLD Digital Wallet is an application or program that allows you to send and receive digital ACI GOLD (ACI) assets, ACI GOLD (ACI). The wallet also tracks your ACI GOLD or BTC balance which is stored in one or more ACI Token addresses. In general, the wallet also has a feature that stores your transaction history

At present, only about one third of World have bank accounts. Among these people, peer to peer money transfers require high costs when between rival banks. Not to mention, two-thirds of Japanese cannot transfer peer to peer money at all because their wealth is trapped in cash.

We solve this problem by enabling to convert their cash or money in bank accounts into digital assets. By holding their USDT in the form of digital assets called ACI GOLD 4, which are built on (BEP20) Ethereum Blockchain, can transfer their money anywhere in the world, at any time, at zero cost.

Research & Development

R & D Team Groups, We will continue to improve and build innovative designs to further strengthen our presence in this industry. Employing unlimited limitations of the ‘Internet of Things’ on new discoveries that will increase ACI Tokens to new levels of innovation.




ACI GOLD (ACI), a digital asset backed by physical Gold on the blockchain has the advantages of representing legal ownership of physical allocated gold.